Studio Uniform

As Dance is a discipline, a uniform is set to put all students in the right frame of mind, helping them learn and enjoy themselves.

The uniform allows the teachers to see that the student/s are dancing correctly and safely, to ensure correct body placement and correct use of muscles.

After a maximum of three (3) weeks (to ensure the student is enjoying dance) uniforms must be worn to every lesson with the correct footwear. All dancewear and shoes are available for purchase from the studio.

Ballet/Contemporary: Black Leotard, Black Ballet Skirt and Pink Dance Tights

Jazz/Tap: Black Leotard, Black V Band Shorts or Black Dance Leggings, Pink Dance Tights

Acrobatics: Black Leotard, Black V Band Shorts or Black Dance Leggings

Crossovers can be worn over the leotard to all lessons during cool weather

Studio Hoodies are also available to be worn to and from class in cool weather.


Hair must be neatly and securely tied back off the face in either a bun or pony tail during class.
Children under 5 and boys are required to have groomed hair.


Students are STRONGLY advised to remove all jewellery before each class as a safety precaution.

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